Smoke Dreams

Captain Matchbox Woopee Band.

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Smoke Dreams

by Captain Matchbox Woopee Band

1. I Can’t Dance ( I Got Ants in My Pants)
2. My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes
3. Nagasaki
4. Sophisticated Mama
5. Mobile Line (France Blues
6. Hotsy Totsy (Everything Is)
7. Who Walks in When I Walk Out?
8. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
9. After You’ve Gone
10. Smoke Dreams (Of You)

The Liner Notes (From the original album cover)

This is why the boys have clambered (sic) to the top of Mount Wangaratta with their hands full of glistening sixpences, and you would say, “How come?” Since their last recorded noise Edison cylinder ascended (went up) the charts nearly to the top in 1821 and the Wangaratta Founding Fathers were whistling the strains of My Canary etc, the onset of this Great Technological Age has left the words on everybody’s lips: “Yes, but – (1). Can they still dish up that kind of kerosene music? And (2). Will the cats still bop to it?”

They (the boys) said, “Fight fire with fire!” and worked far in to the night translating old kerosene into new electric. It was time for the wheels of change to turn, and with raw guts and fists they hewed through rock with electricity and cut a flat record. And when it was finished they wiped their collective sweaty brow and said, “There!”

Here now is something thoroughly modern for all to regard. For instance, the howling wah-wah tea-chest bass and the jangling strains of the electric jug bear testimony to how these little devils move with the times. For it is in this album that the very stuff from which time is made has been altered. Atoms have been twisted from their time-honoured trajectories and the resultant neo-mutant forms have changed the fundamental mode of perception for the human brain.

It is a new dawning for the new race. Go forth and inherit the Earth, Your Earth, for You made it. Good luck and good fun!


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